Conference School Committee Forms

Conference School Committee Forms 

The Teacher Bank Form

Teachers making application for a teaching position are encouraged to submit this form to the Teacher Bank Coordinator. Please give your ministerial staff a copy of the Teacher Bank Application because those interested in teaching will usually visit with their staff rather than the school board.

The School Bank Form

If you are in need of a teacher, please fill out the School Bank Form and submit it to the Teacher Bank Coordinator. Teachers who are interested in finding a school will have access to that information. Hopefully, it will assist in teachers being placed in schools with teacher vacancies.


Teachers' Preparatory Class Application

All new teachers are expected to attend a Teachers’ Preparatory Class, and teachers who have taught one or two years and have not attended a class previously are also invited. Teachers’ aides and assistants should wait to attend a Teachers’ Preparatory Class until they have accepted a teaching position. These forms should be submitted as soon as possible, as the classes are filled on a first come-first served basis. It is a common practice for each school to pay for their teacher’s travel expense to and from the class.